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Technology is only as effective as the people who drive it. Our consultants are seasoned, proven professionals who are team-oriented, self-motivated and organized with an average of eight years of problem-solving credentials. We place the most qualified consultants with the corporate experience essential to handle your project on time and within your budget.

To stay ahead of the technology curve, every member of our team participates in ongoing professional development, including specialized training courses, industry forums and vendor certification courses. We make sure that our technology solutions are still working for you long after our consultants have completed their assignment.

Founding Partner

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Paul is a quick-learning and innovative Programmer/ Analyst with over 25 years of experience in computer programming, systems administration, and network administration. With a knack for challenging paradigms, he has created and implemented new algorithms and data access methodologies that have decreased user wait time from hours to minutes, and that quickly respond to changing competitor conditions.

Paul has designed and implemented new systems that delivered data much more quickly and efficiently, and created databases that resulted in dynamic employee reports. He’s saved thousands of dollars on licensing costs by developing Intranet interfaces. His talent for tying together disparate systems also has been used to design and implement a UNIX network of 200+ machines.

Paul earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Geology from Texas Christian University, and is a Certified Toastmaster.


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When a business owner takes the extra time and trouble of tracking down a ‘long-lost’ IT consultant from 10 years ago to do work for him because he’s talented, persistent, and trustworthy, you know that consultant’s special. With nearly 30 years of experience in all aspects of software development, Bill has designed and developed new systems, maintained and supported existing systems, worked in quality assurance, and provided client support and account management. His experience primarily has been in technical computing associated with oil and gas exploration, with an emphasis on client/server and Intranet-based systems.

Bill’s innovation and creativity was recognized by his previous employer when he received awards for developing an application for ‘geosteering’ horizontal wells (which received a patent), and designing and developing an Intranet application for the management of well log data.

At iSpark Bill wears numerous hats: helping to manage the iSpark and BillMax businesses; developing the BillMax application, engaging and supporting BillMax clients; business development; IT consulting and administration for iSpark clients; and developing new applications for oil and gas exploration.

Bill earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Georgia, and has both lived overseas and traveled to many countries to support clients.